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Based in beautiful Devon, Developer Solutions has been developing agile software solutions for the modern world since 2001. More.

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Developer Solutions is committed to creating quality bespoke software, with a focus on our apps to be user-friendly, quick and non-resource-hungry! More.

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“When your old IT application fails, who are you going to call?” If the answer is ‘"not sure", then you need to read on. More.

Still Not Happy Using IT to Run Your Business?

Posted by Ray Kemp, Technical Director on 18.06.2015 As an IT company we meet many managers and owners of smaller businesses in the South West and it surprises me how many of them have not truly embraced IT as a business strategy. Ok, there are a lot of companies who run their business from within a spreadsheet, but that’s just one of the many tools available for analysing information. It is not an expandable future proofed technology. View more

What If Your Software Developer Falls Under a Bus?

Posted by Ray Kemp, Technical Director on 18.06.2015 The question to ask in this situation is “what is the risk?” This is a true risk assessment exercise. Developer Solutions are now being called in more and more to help businesses that have software skills that are reliant on one person. In most cases it is an IT solution that is crucial to the business. Then it’s generating big data, the hundreds or thousands of data points that define any one journey through a website quickly accumulate. View more

At Home, On the Train, Waiting for the Kids ...

Posted by Ray Kemp, Technical Director, on 10.03.2015 Mobile devices are used everywhere, and that means EVERY business has to embrace the technology and extend their systems to incorporate the current single largest pervasive technology. Businesses have traditionally built their operational foundations on paper-based processes; these are highly inefficient, cause slow turnaround times, errors and provide poor operational visibility. Mobile apps offer unprecedented opportunities for streamlining business processes - especially as they become more prolific. View more
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