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Agile Software Solutions for Web, Cloud and Mobile

Developing software solutions for the modern world and working together with our customers, partners and suppliers to invest in the ever advancing technologies of the software industry.

There is no doubt that we live in a fast moving and changing world. Developer Solutions builds software solutions specifically designed to utilise its customers' business insight. Translating business requirements into actionable, useful and functional requirements is a major process in the software development cycle and there are many ways to solve a problem. Developer Solutions brings a long history of practical real world experience to deliver sound advice to modern every day scenarios presented from its broad range of customers.

Our role is to remove the complexity and avoid talking in jargon-filled 'geeky' language, yet provide that same detailed technology requirement to provide cutting-edge real-world solutions to our customers' business requirements.


Cloud Solutions

There are many scenarios when Cloud computing makes perfect sense, there are also times when it does not. Let us help you to decide what works for you.


Mobile Solutions

The most prolific change to our every day lives is mobile technology. Having access to the information we want when we want it has become the norm.


BI Integration

DSCallards (Developer Solutions parent company) are UK partners with both SAP and Yellowfin. We have years of experience in designing, building and supporting BI integration into company applications.


Software Development

Developer Solutions has been delivering high quality tailor-made software development services since 2001 to both private and public sector clients.


Software Support

As well as off-the-shelf support services, our goal is to design and create a solution that fits your business and delivers peace of mind.


Quality Solutions

Quality is important to Developer Solutions because we value our customers. Our focus is the delivery of quality products and services and we strive to exceed expectations.

What Developer Solutions Can Offer

Full Development Cycle

Developer Solutions has extensive experience in developing our own solutions and therefore understands the entire life of a development cycle and what is needed to deliver on time and to budget. Our Development Team has been implementing multiple languages, tools and styles into their development projects for many years.

Tailor Made Development

Developer Solutions has been providing software development services since 2001 and offer a tailor-made development capability that utilises the latest technologies. Whether it is a small section of a large project, extra resource to ensure that a project is completed on time, or full end-to-end development service, our team has the necessary skill set.

Development Methodologies

We believe that our core competence lies in our understanding of organisations, their requirements and business processes. With an expert team of developers and using a set of pre-defined methodologies, such as PRINCE2, Developer Solutions has a first class track record of delivering custom software projects to budget and on time.