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SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio: The New Generation Dashboard Solution from SAP

Posted by Jamie, Senior Developer on 12.04.16 SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio enables application designers to create analysis applications and dashboards – based on universe data sources – for browsers and mobile devices (iPads, for example). At Developer Solutions we are excited by this innovative application. View more

Why I'm Sherlock

Posted by Conrad Rowlands, Lead Developer, 22.02.16 I’m lucky, very lucky. My life is full of many great things. I have the best fiancee and family a man could wish for, I have a dog that, uniquely within my family, thinks I’m the boss. I’m lucky enough to spend a great deal of time in Cornwall which has captured my heart in much the same way as my beloved Shropshire has. In addition I have a great job which means that on a daily basis I am Sherlock (When I’m not being Batman that is…). View more

The Mighty Raspberry Pi

Posted by Jamie, Senior Developer on 24.02.16 According to Wikipedia, as of 8 June 2015, about five to six million Raspberry Pis have been sold. While already the fastest selling British personal computer, it has also shipped the second largest number of units behind the Amstrad PCW, the "Personal Computer Word-processor", which sold eight million. View more
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