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Based in beautiful Devon, Developer Solutions has been developing agile software solutions for the modern world since 2001. More.

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Developer Solutions is committed to creating quality bespoke software, with a focus on our apps to be user-friendly, quick and non-resource-hungry! More.

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“When your old IT application fails, who are you going to call?” If the answer is ‘"not sure", then you need to read on. More.

Project Trust Is A Two Way Thing?

Posted by Ray Kemp, Technical Director on 18.11.2015 A recent project has caused me to write this blog, although it is not a new phenomenon … I should have written this some years ago and forwarded the content when projects start to go astray. View more

Developers Are A Peculiar Breed

Posted by Ray Kemp, Technical Director on 17.11.2015 “You do what?” comes the question in the kitchen at parties. “I write software, I’m a programmer” comes the reply." View more

At Home, On the Train, Waiting for the Kids ...

Posted by Ray Kemp, Technical Director, on 10.03.2015 Mobile devices are used everywhere, and that means EVERY business has to embrace the technology and extend their systems to incorporate the current single largest pervasive technology. View more
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